Pyewch® SPS patented technology sets a new benchmark for thermal safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Pyewch Concept

Pyewch® is a system of custom-heated, removable insulation jackets designed to meet your specific needs for controlled heat. Measured-Engineered-Installed, The Pyewch® system is a comprehensive turnkey solution.

  • Pyewch® is unique, in that it senses and controls the pipe temperature.
  • Our covers have a well-insulated core that is 'Cool to the Touch’.
  • We use an ultra-clean silicone jacket that is durable and waterproof.
  • The low profile jumpers are constructed using military type connectors that are extremely rugged, and moisture resistant when mated.
  • Power indicator lights will immediately identify a problem.
  • Pyewch® efficient design operates on ultra-low power consumption.