"One of the features that we at Texas Instruments HFAB1 enjoy about your Pyewch® heater jackets is their good looks.  The installation is nice and neat.  No bulky cables or unsightly wires bundles.  We've had enough of the heat jacket installation that tie-up power cables and wire with wire-ties.  The Pyewch® heater jackets enhance the appearance of our new LPCVD furnace stacks."

"You can say all you want about appearance, but you cannot produce the next generation semiconductor product without excellent LPCVD diffusion furnace performance.  That is what the Pyewch® heater jackets have done for our LPCVD furnace processes.  The uniform internal heating and their outstanding insulating material and properties provide a consistent heat zone.  This one feature alone is why Texas Instruments HFAB1 selected TGM as our supplier of choice for heat jackets.  In addition, the jackets are constructed to allow easy installation and removal, very important for the guys who work on the furnaces.  Finally, the Pyewch® jackets are designed and constructed to be tough and durable, but again, that is the quality that we have come to expect from TGM."

Al Flores
Texas Instruments Inc.

"As an Equipment Specialist, part of my job is to analyze equipment failures and optimize preventive maintenance schedules. We were experiencing a problem with the cold traps on our Nitride furnaces. The gases were condensing the at the inlet of the housing rather than internally at the cooling chamber. Our maintenance scheduled called for the cold trap to be cleaned every 40 production runs. More often than not the cold trap required an early unscheduled cleaning. A restriction at the inlet would reduce pumping speed and generate pressure control problems. Below is a picture of a cold trap that was removed after 40 production runs."

"With the help of TGM Inc., we were able to rectify our problem. One of their Engineers came out and designed a heated line to fit around the inlet of the cold traps. With this modification, the gases were directed away from the inlet of the cold trap and to the cooling chamber. The pressure control problems we had experienced were now eliminated. Not only were also able to achieve 40 runs without failure, but the schedule was extended out to 60 runs."

"After working with TGM, I believe they are committed to customer satisfaction. They have a quality product and an outstanding engineering team who understand our needs and help us in achieving our goals. Their products and support are highly recommended."

David Billings
Equipment Specialist
Dallas Semiconductor