The Pyewch® Advantage

Pyewch® Insulated Heater Jacket System delivers controlled, continuous, even heating on vacuum forelines to the pump and exhaust lines to the point of collection with no cold spots.

Service distinguishes TGM from other component manufacturers. We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver a turnkey solution that is not just a box of parts.  Our focus is building a heater jacket system that is measured, engineered, and field installed by our engineering team.  This service allows the end-user to concentrate their efforts on their core competencies.

Safety is an unwavering priority driving all product design at TGM. The Pyewch® patented 'Cool to the Touch‘ construction exceeds all of the following safety guidelines for personnel burn protection:  SEMI S2-93,  ASTM C1055, and the US Navy MIL SPEC-769.  The built-in overtemp protection and integral ground plane further our commitment to your safety.

Thermal efficiency of our system is generated by optimal insulation thickness resulting in a more uniform heating system with ultra-low power consumption.

Through utility cost-reduction alone, Pyewch® Return On Investment (ROI) is less than two years.