HTMJ Series

HTMJ Heater Jackets

TGM’s high-temperature modified sewn jackets (HTMJ) are constructed from a woven fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE Teflon resins and top-coated with pigmented Teflon. This coating is impervious to most known chemicals, will not stain, and cleans easily. It has a fairly stiff feel and is abrasion, tear, and puncture resistant.

The jackets are filled with a top-performing fiberglass needle-mat and fitted with Velcro Hi-Air® hook and loop material rated for higher temperature applications. All jackets are sewn with Nomex and Kevlar threads, which have excellent resistance to heat and flame exposure.


  • Unit maximum operating temperature up to 428ºF (220ºC)
  • Outer jacket maximum temperature: 428ºF (220ºC)
  • Fiberglass needle-mat maximum temperature: 1500ºF (815ºC)
  • Velcro Hi-Air® Hook and Loop maximum temperature: 350ºF (175ºC)
  • Nomex and Kevlar threading maximum temperature: 600ºF (315ºC)

Available in a variety of pipe diameters

1.5″ (40mm)5″ (125mm)
2″ (50mm)6″ (150mm)
3″ (80mm)8″ (200mm)
4″ (100mm)Custom sizes available upon request